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Pile of old books and old glasses

Directory and occasional writings on the history of noble families

Source of opportunity font: Stargardt, J.A.: Directory and occasional writings on the history of noble families, Berlin: Rosenthal (u.a.) 1865-1880, Download: Band 1, Band 2, Band 3,Like this:Like Loading


Handbook of gender associations and foundations

Handbuch der Geschlechtsverbände und Stiftungen Schon in zu den ältesten Zeiten mitteleuropäischer Christianisierung war es das fromme Bestreben der Kaiser und Edlen, by gifts of all kinds, the Church as a bastion of their spiritual lives, possible to consolidate and secure especially. Accordingly, the oldest foundations are the monasteries, where later the ore, High- und Collegialstifter […]


Directory of printed family histories of Germany and the neighboring countries

Obwohl in Adelslexika, genealogy pocket books and other works, often the stories of individual families are displayed extensive, it is the tiny details from different sources, which help us to carry extensive information together, To verify information to their voices and to discover relationships in other countries. It can help us this book. Those: Hans von Prittwitz […]

Genealogical and Heraldic holdings of the University Library Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf The University Library has an extensive collection of genealogical , originating probably down to the 18. century goes back . interest and study of historical sources of all kinds to the acquisitions of the “ Royal State Library ” in the second half of the 19. largely determined century . Unter Theodor Joseph Lacomblet, the Rhenish Church historian , Archivar und Bibliothekar, wurde die Pflege der Geschichte und […]


Sources on the history of the city of Cologne (6 Volumes)

Die Geschichte von Köln reicht von der Römerzeit bis in unsere Tage hinein. With all the big-time issues and all world-historical turning points, the city had its meaning! In Cologne show from Augustus to the collapse of the Roman Empire, the gloss, aber auch seine Schwäche. All stations are equipped with a register, and with wonderful illustrations (Seal) […]

Journal of Low German family studies with a title- and author index

The Journal of Low German Family History (ZNF) is a genealogical journal, their main focus on family SCIENCE items to families in the Low German area is. Like this:Like Loading


The nobility of the Bohemian crown lands

The Kingdom of Bohemia was 6.774.309 Population (Stand 1910) By far the most important of the Habsburg Crown Land State. This summary from the hall books far more than 2ooo crest elevations of rank and letters and credentials have been the year 1530 listed. The hall served as the basis of books about this complex work. The oldest Bohemian noble acts dating from the year 1580, […]


The church books of the Protestant churches in the province of Saxony

Content: Konsistorialbezirk Magdeburg with the Magdeburg Region, Merseburg, and Erfurt, Konsistorialbezirk Wernigerode, Stolberg, Roßla. Place name registration and proof of military church books Source: Machholz, Seriously: Communications from the Centre for German people- and family history, Sources and illustrations from the field of genealogy and related sciences, the church books of the Protestant churches in the province of Saxony, 30. Issue, Leipzig 1925 (Download) […]

The church records of the Neumark, circles of Sternberg, Züllichau, Schwiebus, Krusty

Overview of the inventory of church records from the superintendency Arnswalde, Frankfurt on the Oder, Friedeberg, Königsberg, Krusty, Küstrin, Landsberg, Soldin, Sonnenburg, Sternberg, Züllichau and existing files, Bücher und Urkunden in den Pfarrarchiven.Like this:Like Loading

The church records of the province of West Prussia

Overview of the inventory of church records in West Prussia, from the Protestant churches in the district of the royal. Consistory to Gdansk, Catholic parishes of the Diocese of Kulm, Militärgemeinden und Kirchenbücher der Regimenter.Like this:Like Loading

The Bavarian of nobility

Of nobility are a publicly-run directory of all the nobles and aristocrats met certain requirements of a country. The best known example is the 1808 decorated Bavarian of nobility; who was not registered in their, was not in the public acts recognized as nobility. A general book had nobility of Saxony (1902), factually or. regional eingeschränkte Adelsmatrikeln gab es in Württemberg für […]

Codex diplomaticus Silesiae (Collection of documents on the history of Silesia)

The collection of books with the title deed Codex diplomaticus Silesiae the history of Silesia has been published since the last third of the 19. Century by the Association for History and Antiquity of Silesia. This collection of all “online ” volumes available in the DjVu format, I would like to present chronologically:Like this:Like Loading


Tour of the University Library and casting their stocks, edited by Irmgard Lair and Peter Reuter, inventories of governmental archives of the district of Paderborn, published by the Histor. Come. the province of Westphalia. Bearb. Johannes Münster Linneborn i. In: Aschendorff, 1923 Inventories of governmental archives of the circle Buren, edited by L. Schmitz Kallenberg Munster i. In : Aschendorff, […]