Commemorative and memorial writings

In the academic library community prevails term use, commonly known as a scholar dedicated to the commemorative collection of essays looks at. The contributions to this kind of disclosure of most students, Authored friends or colleagues to a round of birthday honoree. Contributions is periodically a brief appraisal of the honorees with a photo and be as complete font directory prefix. Although these publications are not without controversy, they are but as an important source (see Wikipedia) the History of Science.

Ferdinand von Schill

was 1773 on Sothof in Silesia, an estate of his father's birth. This was a Prussian Lieutenant Colonel. His mother was born a baroness of Traglau. Schill was the youngest of four brothers. After some time he had visited the school in Breslau, it took the General Count Kalckreuth, of his military talent recognized, in his Dragoons to Pasewalk. This he did as a sub-lieutenant in the 14. October 1806 the battle of Auerstadt with. The government quickly recognized his potential and he authorized the 12. January 1807 ein  [...]