Commemorative copy of the Rasselsteiner iron plant and the Remy family


The iron Rasselstein at its origin leads Neuwied, as well as the smelter Bendorf ironworks, and most of the time on a mill back. Was documented as early as 1655 At this point, an iron works and in the year 1688 were performed in a Testament of Count Friedrich of Wied (Founder of the town of Neuwied) two mills mentioned, on the rattle and the stone mill tons in Rodenbach. Count Friedrich, in the 1698 died, had supported the mining industry in the area and established a number of foundries. His successor, Count Friedrich[...]

History of the Royal Domgymnasium of Magdeburg


When the Reformation was its triumph over Germany, They also held in Magdeburg catchment. Having been 1521 the Augustinian monk and since Melchior Miritz 1522 the Franciscan friar John Fritz and Hans Halberstadt from provost distributed of the Augustinian monastery in sermons inveighed against Eberhard Wiedensee popish abuses had, turned 1524 the council of the city with the entire citizenry of the new doctrine, turned evangelical preacher in the city churches, and founded an evangelical Roman city school, die sehr bald durch hervorragende Rektoren zu einer hohen Blüte  [...]

Baldwin of Luxembourg 1285 to 1354: Archbishop of Trier and Elector of the Empire

More than a thousand years, lent than the Ottonian Empire Kalrs the Great new look, Luxembourg has emerged. It has evolved out of the sphere and the possession of one of the great earls in the fragmented and fought hard for decades part of the old Carolingian Empire Central, dem regnum Lotharii Lothars II. An exchange act is at the historical beginning of both the House of Luxembourg and the country and the city of Luxembourg…

Genealogy of the surgeon Bernhard von Langenbeck

Bernhard von Langenbeck was the 8. November 1810 Padingbüttel in the world, son of the pastor Georg Langenbeck (1766-1844) and his wife Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte Sussman. His grandfather was a pastor in Horneburg and married Marie Elisabeth von der Heyde. According to lore was his ancestor Henricus Langenbeck, Authorized representative of his sovereign in the peace negotiations 1648 in Munster. Of his siblings, brother George died young in Russia and his sister Elizabeth Anne (1812-1882) later became the wife of the district court counsel Gustav Keitel. The five from his marriage[...]

Chronological list of pupils of the teacher's seminar on Wolfenbüttel since the founding 1753

This list is quite meaningful for family researchers, but it includes detailed information such as date and place of all pupils, as well as communications about the career. It was given as a Festschrift in order, the occasion of the inauguration of the new seminary building at 9. October 1879, provided with additions to 1903. Author: Carl Julius Stausebach, continued by H. Karsten U. H. Breuer, Publisher Zwisler in Wolfenbüttel 1903 Those: New language: