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GenTeam: The genealogical database

From now on the 26.000 Registered users more than 11 Million records available. New to GenTeam: 1. Bishopric of Passau: as. 140.000 new entries 2. Books citizens of the city of Bratislava / Pressburg – Project completed ca. 10.300 Entries 3. Marriage Index Vienna 1542 – as. 1860, as. 4.000 new entries 4. Index of Catholic baptisms of Vienna: as. 80.000 […]


Working Group genealogy Osnabrück e. In. (Club News)

Tip for genealogists! The “Working Group genealogy Osnabrück” was established in February 1993 founded. He emerged from a course at the community college Osnabrück. The entry in the register in July 1996. The working group, which is recognized as a charitable, the following objectives: The association wants the investigation of persons, Families, Gender and social strata in the […]


Working Group on Family Research of the Emsland countryside

A tip for genealogists! The Working Group is the publisher of the quarterly magazine "Emsländische Bentheim and genealogy" (EBF). It makes for genealogists in the region, the "organ" for the exchange of views- and exchange of information and contains many important contributions on research projects and methods. To publish more extensive source editions, the series is "Contributions to the Emsland and Bentheim genealogy"; the […]


digitization of "Bergmann Exulantensammlung

When "Bergmann Exulantensammlung" is an intermediate stage between archival source , finding aids and manuscript . The collection consists of 60 handwritten folio volumes , the Dresdner headmaster Alwin Bergmann (1862-1938) in fast vierzigjähriger Kleinarbeit mit allen ihm zugänglichen Informationen über Exulanten füllte.Like this:Like Loading


Historical Register of Architects: Database construction- architecture and history of the 19. and 20. Century

The entries begin with before- first and last name, period and designate sites of action, and academic degrees, Ranks, Honorary Title, Memberships etc. Partly also Baumeister, Engineers and contractors named. Link to Website:Like this:Like Loading

Links Military History

Letters from: The Post and Telecommunications Museum Foundation has the world's largest undeveloped collection of German war letters. War letters were already among the first pieces of the collection 1872 founded by Postmaster General Heinrich Stephan Reich Postal Museum, Post the first museum in the world. this:Like Loading


Genealogical research made easy: What Denmark and Norway to offer in its archives

The primary role of the State Archives is, to collect historical sources, retain and make available to the public. Some archives provide an exemplary manner in an online genealogy. Danish State Archives: (State Archives home) In Denmark, the church records and other records of the National Church transferred to the provincial archives. Sie müssen daher nicht Ihre Fragen an den örtlichen Pastor […]

Free eBook sources PaperC (Read free – Printing costs) Like this:Like Loading


Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives

Simply outstanding! The database “Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives” provides an overview of the illustrations of coats of arms, kept in the collections of the Estonian Historical Archives. Like this:Like Loading

New on more than 240.000 new entries

1 20.742 new obituaries from the NFP 1901-1918: All obituaries (Parten), the new ones in the Free Press, Vienna, between 1864 and 1918 are published, than its own database to see Available are the family, The first name, Name and year of birth. By the specified link each entry to go directly to the Parte. […]

Naumburger Bürgerbuch Register A

Database Project: The Naumburg Bürgerbuch (1342 – 1853)

In addition to the church records are public books are an important source for genealogical research. The books were mostly citizens created before the beginning of the church records and recorded the images of a city civil. There were persons included in this book, welche das Bürgerrecht erworben hatten.Like this:Like Loading


Treasure trove of digitized archives in Prague

Thanks to a tip from Archivalia I would like to present the website of the Prague City Archives: Heraldic with collection collection of parchment documents Census lists 1830-1949 A collection of maps and plans of the manuscript collection and a collection of photographs of parish- und standesamtliche Register Ratsprotokolle und tausende von SiegelabbildungenLike this:Like Loading

Genteam – Mine with an overall 1,5 Million records

Gerhard told the Salzburger Nachrichten Öhlinger of Vienna: Tragedy and grief, the pain of the bereaved: Only a few lines of space remain on death images for the balance of a lifetime, and they can only guess, what background behind it. For people, want to explore their family history, the data are often a valuable aid. Fast 13.000 Death pictures of victims […]


Würzburg dead list

The nearly 5.000 Death note opening up the research data on the life and death of many citizens of Würzburg. They embody the time of 1672 to 1914 a unique source of personal history. Often adorned with sepulchral Graphics, they are an impressive testimony of the dead in commemoration of past time. Recorded by Peter Kolb. Can be searched by name or death dates. Website: […]

Database of the German Reichstag deputies

This project includes the Reichstag deputies 5211 People records, from the Reichstag parliament Alma potatoes and manuals of the years 1867 – 1938 come. This basic data (standardized name, Date of birth, Birthplace, Sex) , the variable data of the individual election periods (Party affiliation, Name Changes, Residential- Places and activities, Constituencies, Confessions, Occupations, biographical breaks, Portraits) assigned. The search for personal names and selection of groups is possible. […]

60.000 new data on are available today on additional 60.000 To find records. You are therefore total about 1.5 Millionen Einträge zur Verfügung.Like this:Like Loading

Genealogical and historical digitized National Archives of Norway

I ask up front for leniency, if one or another translation from Norwegian is something gone wrong. The National Archives offers the following digitized (Webboks) a database of digitized church records (also available in English) with the ability to search by name, Period of time, by municipality and county. Like this:Like Loading

News from GenTeam – Austria's largest collection of Genealogical Data

GenTeam is free and non-profit oriented. GenTeam is an association of genealogists, working independently or in teams to databases and make these data freely available to all researchers. Die Datenbanken sind eine Hilfe bei der Suche nach Vorfahren und Verwandten.Like this:Like Loading

50.000 Obituaries from the imperial and royal monarchy on the Internet soon

Press release: Historian, Genealogists and historians interested in, had to find original documents such as the above-cited Hoftraueranzeige, date directly into the Austrian State Archives in Vienna are. But now the institution is one of the largest digitization campaign launches in the history of obituaries or death notices. Together with the Vienna Internet 11media be forged at the 50.000 Obituaries from the monarchy, the […]

Holocaust Gedenktag

66 Years after the liberation of Auschwitz on 27.1.1945 – and raised by President Roman Herzog Memorial Day – I would like to introduce you to some helpful websites for genealogists: JewishGen offers to its databases, the ability to research, To find family members with Jewish ancestry. is also a website with “Holocaust Genealogy Resources” JewishGen Holocaust […]