Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives


Simply outstanding! The database “Coats of arms in the Estonian Historical Archives” provides an overview of the illustrations of coats of arms, kept in the collections of the Estonian Historical Archives.

New on more than 240.000 new entries

1 20.742 new obituaries from the NFP 1901-1918: All obituaries (Parten), the new ones in the Free Press, Vienna, between 1864 and 1918 are published, than its own database to see Available are the family, The first name, Name and year of birth. By the specified link each entry to go directly to the Parte. The result left the digitized newspapers from the ANL, which are freely available on the project annum on the Internet. You'll find not only naturally Obituaries, the deceased in Vienna[...]

Database Project: The Naumburg Bürgerbuch (1342 – 1853)

Naumburger Bürgerbuch Register A

In addition to the church records are public books are an important source for genealogical research. The books were mostly citizens created before the beginning of the church records and recorded the images of a city civil. There were persons included in this book, which had acquired the citizenship.

Treasure trove of digitized archives in Prague


Thanks to a tip from Archivalia I would like to present the website of the Prague City Archives: Heraldic with collection collection of parchment documents Census lists 1830-1949 A collection of maps and plans of the manuscript collection and a collection of photographs of parish- Council Minutes and civil registers and thousands of seals pictures – Mine with an overall 1,5 Million records


Gerhard told the Salzburger Nachrichten Öhlinger of Vienna: Tragedy and grief, the pain of the bereaved: Only a few lines of space remain on death images for the balance of a lifetime, and they can only guess, what background behind it. For people, want to explore their family history, the data are often a valuable aid. Fast 13.000 Death pictures of victims of two world wars are now available on the Internet and can be searched by name. The driving force behind the side of "gene-Team" is Felix Gundacker, Austria's only professional genealogist. The images of death are[...]