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The following are the words of Catharina Elisabeth Goethe , geborene Textor (1731-1808) the mother of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe : “ nehme Man 12 Months, they brush clean of envy , bitterness , Geiz , pedantry and they break it down into 30 or 31 Parts, so the stock for a year, use . Each day is done separately from 1 part and work 2 parts cheerfulness and humor . Füge Man 3 Add heaping tablespoon optimism , 1 Teelöffel Toleranz, 1 grain of irony and 1 Taking Takt . Then the composition with a lot of[...]

Album Curonorum: Members Directory of Curonia 1808 to 1883


The Historical Commission of Curonia it had in years 1873 the task of , compile a list of the former Corps fellows .

The life and work of the historian John Sinapius (1667-1725)


The presentation of the life of John Sinapius (1667-1725) against the historical background of his family is no easy task. When studying the small publications and notices on this subject, one faces many inconsistencies

Live images from the old Bavarian Swabia, Band 1-12


Band 1 (Götz Freiherr von Polnitz) The St. Afra (3. Jh.) Udalrich, Bishop of Augsburg (890-973) Volkmar the way of Kemnat (at 1205-1283)

Who is he? Our contemporaries: Containing biographies, Information concerning the origin, Family, Curriculum vitae


Those: Degener, H.A. Ludwig: Who is he? : Our contemporaries : Contemporaries encyclopedia, Containing biographies along with bibliographies. Information concerning the origin, Family, Curriculum vitae, Works,