The life story of Dr. Martin Kemnitz (1522-1586)


The family came from the Martin Kemnitz, belonged to the noble dynasty of Kemnitz, of old Wendish nobility descended in Pomerania. The name comes from the Polish word “Kamien” and mean stone. The name was always written Kemnitz, to Martin, came as the lateinisierte Chemnitius form in use. The coat of arms, which can still be seen in the Martini Church in Braunschweig, has the half-closed helmet two small lilies, on their stalks woven together, their heads turned downwards. In the[...]

Mistress, Jewels and The Count of Löwenstein-Wertheim


Truth and fiction are two areas that are sometimes not distinguish as simple as they may be interwoven almost inextricably. This applies especially to case files, dealing with child support payments. That's one thing today and was not even three hundred years ago different, than 1737-1763 Before Aulic process was discussed in Vienna, where a castoff mistress of her former lover, a Count, demanded more maintenance…

Mistress Sophie Marie Countess von Voss


Sophie Marie Countess von Voss, Born of Pannewitz and Mistress of Her Majesty the Queen Louise of Prussia, after their death and Oberaufseherin Grande governess of the royal princes and princesses, awarded the Order of Black Eagle, the Order and the Russian-Louise St. Catherine's Order. She was born on 11. March 1729 in Schönfließ.

The abbot Gottfried Bessel (1672-1749)

Family Road Sign

The oldest family member was the grandfather of Abbot, Peter Bessel. The father, Johann Georg Bessel, should either Dröll in Silesia or about Erfurt. 1628 be born. The first version can be found 1656 in the posting Taufmatrikeln, where Johann Georg on Bessel 27. VII. as a godparent also named Johann Georg getaufen son is listed. (A detailed description of the family history with a detailed genealogy are included in this work) Johann Georg was born on 5. 9.1672, later known as Abbot Gottffried, got its name[...]

George Frideric Greifenklau Vollrads of a prelate of the middle Rhine Reichsritterschaft

The genealogical classification of the family settled in the Rheingau Greifenklau as country of origin, and as the home field of the noble families of angle called Greiffenklau, of Vollrads, Touch-of Vollrads, Matuschka-Greiffenklau of Vollrads. Countess Clara Matuschka-Greiffenklau (1870-1959) in long years the Castle of Archives of Vollrads sighted, organized and made available for scientific research. The nucleus of their aristocratic landowners in the village in the district of angle and angular, to look the part of rheingauischen Urmark.