Pomeranian pictures of life


The National Research Centre for History in the province of Pomerania is thanks to this collection of Pomeranian pictures of life. Recorded exclusively born in Pomerania; an exception is Robert von Puttkamer, whose family is connected with Pomeranian closely. Pomeranian pictures of life: Martin Wehrmann u. Adolf Hofmeister, Szczecin : Leon Sauniers, 1934-1939 In the subsequent tape 1 There are biographies of Joan v. Bismarck, give. of Puttkamer, Prof.. Rudolf Claudius, Prof.. Anton Dohrn, Rüdiger von der Goltz, Alexander von Domeyer, Karl Robert Klempin, Art historian Franz Kugler. In Band 2 The collection will[...]

Karl von Normann courtly opponent of Bismarck


Karl Wilhelm Christoph von Normann, Born on 21.9.1827 in Franzburg, came from an extensive knightly family, since the 13. First century on complaints, then prove in Pomerania and Mecklenburg, and a number of prominent lawyers, Has produced diplomats and officers. A native of Stralsund grandfather Axel von Normann (1760-1835) was to 1815 Swedish Colonel; after the wars of liberation, he left with seven brothers and three sons, the Swedish service and was last Prussian Major General. He chose to retreat to the quiet little town Franzburg. Bis zum achten  [...]

Walther von Plettenberg, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order in Livonia


Livonia was 1158 discovered by merchants from Bremen, who wanted to sail to Visby on Gotland, But through devious storms on the Baltic coast and the northern tip of Courland, passed near the island RUNÖ, were driven to the mouth of the Daugava. The country was then wholly unknown to the civilized Europe. The consequences of the discovery were relatively equal importance; because the spread of Germanic life through all the provinces of the Baltic Sea, in Kurland, Semgallen, Livonia, Estonia was given and to some extent in Finland in. So begannen die  [...]

Life story of Count Kaspar von Sternberg


Count Caspar von Sternberg, The main founder and first president of the Bohemian Museum (National Museum) was early anxious, His memoirs record. As early as 1812 He drew a sketch. His final version he gave 1837 an den Herausgeber dieses Werkes. In giving the life story of Count Francis Sternberg, first as an obituary in which the “Annals of the Bohemian Museum 1830 (S. 479-1487) appeared, was the daughter, Countess Christiane have been helpful.   Graf Sternberg wurde am 6. January 1761 in Prag geboren und in der Kirche St.  [...]

Five gentlemen from the past


The nobles whose life image is portrayed here, lived at the time of the Reformation, or immediately thereafter to. Some led the Reformation in their circles, such as Joachim von Alvensleben, his brother and his brother Andrew of Ludolff Meyendorff, also at the Daniel von der Schulenburg discussed in detail the same father, Matthias. Joachim von Alvensleben, and Andreas von Meyendorff made as well as the great church councils archiepiscopal visitation of the two pins in Halberstadt and Magdeburg in the years 1562, 1563 and 1564 with. Das Leben des Jacobs von der  [...]