Eduard Meyer's home in the dynasty of artists to Gdansk

Kegelgesellschaft von 1834

This name is to talk of a dynasty of artists. For not less than nine painters in three generations of this family include, had their home in Gdansk. A member of the family – It was the famous Paul Meyerheim – wrote in his childhood memories: A historical research-boyfriend wants to have discovered in the annals of Gdansk, that was the ancestor of a Swedish under Gustav Adolf paymaster, Mejerjelm who called and have lived on the site is, an der das großväterliches Haus in Danzig stand  [...]

Works of the historian and genealogist, Johann Georg Leuckfeld


His birthplace is in the golden herring Aue in Thuringia, where he died on 4. July 1668 was born. His parents were wealthy compatriots, did, however, so little attention to his lessons, At fifteen he was scarcely able to read. (The family has been Leuckfeld 1594 detected in herring. Herring was 1439-1815 Stolberg, a joint office in Electoral Saxony Schwarzburg Oberlehnsherrschaft) After his father died, He received his entreaties for permission, to devote himself to the study. Now he learned in a very short time the[...]

From the Life of the Countess Elisa Ahlefeldt


Elisa Davidia Margaret Countess of Ahlefeldt was on 17. November of the year 1790, an dem Geburtstage ihres Vaters auf dem Schloss Trankjör auf der dänischen Insel Langeland geboren. Her father, Count Frederick of Ahlefeldt-Laurvigen, geborenam 17. November 1760, belonged to an ancient and noble race, in the 1665 by Emperor Leopold I.. in the imperial counts and 1672 was raised by the King of Denmark in the Danish earl. He relished by Rank, Power and wealth, much prestige. He was the special favorite of King Frederick VI. of[...]

Town Planner George Liesegang in Frankfurt


George was born on Liesegang 9. October 1855 Born in Potsdam, the first son of the subsequent navigator Inspector William Liesegang and Minna Hecker. Not long after his parents moved to Wittenberg on the Elbe on. After his father had been transferred to Anklam in Pomerania, George attended the local grammar school. From here he went to the testimony of the maturity of the then Industrial Academy in Berlin. After passing the first state examination, he was on 18. November 1880 zum Bauführer und nach Ablegung der zweiten Staatsprüfung am 21.  [...]

Historian and heraldry Philip William Gercken


Philip William was born on Gercken 05. January 1722 the son of the merchant Georg was born in Salzwedel Gercken. He initially attended the Latin School New Town, Then he finished his schooling at the Old Latin School under headmaster plaice. He then attended high school in Lüneburg. In Hall (1741) He studied law and history. Back in the Altmark, he occupied himself between 1754 and 1760 with the publication of the known Fragmenta Marchica, in which 6 Parts appeared. 1760 He bought the castle in Salzwedel, wo er viele Jahre als  [...]