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Live images from the old Bavarian Swabia, Band 1-12


Band 1 (Götz Freiherr von Polnitz) The St. Afra (3. Jh.) Udalrich, Bishop of Augsburg (890-973) Volkmar the way of Kemnat (at 1205-1283)

The Autobiography of Viscount Fabian Dohna (1550-1621)


This autobiography of the coming of the noble Viscount Dohna it deserves a wider audience will be presented to. She's full of fascinating details of his teaching- and years of travel in the court of Count Palatine Johann Casimir in Kaiserslautern and Heidelberg.

Pomeranian pictures of life


The National Research Centre for History in the province of Pomerania is thanks to this collection of Pomeranian pictures of life. Recorded exclusively born in Pomerania; an exception is Robert von Puttkamer, whose family is connected with Pomeranian closely. Pomeranian pictures of life: Martin Wehrmann u. Adolf Hofmeister, Szczecin : Leon Sauniers, 1934-1939 In the subsequent tape 1 There are biographies of Joan v. Bismarck, give. of Puttkamer, Prof.. Rudolf Claudius, Prof.. Anton Dohrn, Rüdiger von der Goltz, Alexander von Domeyer, Karl Robert Klempin, Art historian Franz Kugler. In Band 2 The collection will[...]

The life story of Dr. Martin Kemnitz (1522-1586)


The family came from the Martin Kemnitz, belonged to the noble dynasty of Kemnitz, of old Wendish nobility descended in Pomerania. The name comes from the Polish word “Kamien” and mean stone. The name was always written Kemnitz, to Martin, came as the lateinisierte Chemnitius form in use. The coat of arms, which can still be seen in the Martini Church in Braunschweig, has the half-closed helmet two small lilies, on their stalks woven together, their heads turned downwards. In the[...]

Mistress Sophie Marie Countess von Voss


Sophie Marie Countess von Voss, Born of Pannewitz and Mistress of Her Majesty the Queen Louise of Prussia, after their death and Oberaufseherin Grande governess of the royal princes and princesses, awarded the Order of Black Eagle, the Order and the Russian-Louise St. Catherine's Order. She was born on 11. March 1729 in Schönfließ.