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Genealogy of the surgeon Bernhard von Langenbeck

Bernhard von Langenbeck was the 8. November 1810 Padingbüttel in the world, son of the pastor Georg Langenbeck (1766-1844) and his wife Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte Sussman. His grandfather was a pastor in Horneburg and married Marie Elisabeth von der Heyde. According to lore was his ancestor Henricus Langenbeck, Authorized representative of his sovereign in the peace negotiations 1648 in Munster. Of his siblings, brother George died young in Russia and his sister Elizabeth Anne (1812-1882) later became the wife of the district court counsel Gustav Keitel. The five from his marriage[...]

The descendants of Ambrose miner of the Baltic

Born 26.5.1641 in Fischhausen, He was on 14.5.1661 for the study of theology in Königsberg and was enrolled here referred to as “Pillaviensis”. His parents are indicated as Auli advocate fisci Ambrose et Sabine Berman and Wegener, Daughter of Master Caspar Wegener, the Lutheran preacher in a short biography in the province of Livonia as archdeacon in Königsberg called. 1667 Ambrsius was provost of the Rev. Christopher Kleinschmidt adjunctus chosen for Ruien. In this position he remained until 1669, then he went to a pastor[...]

Live image of the professor of mineralogy at the University of Tartu, Dr. Constantin Grewingk

Constantin Caspar Andreas Grewingk, born 2/14. January 1819 in Fellin (Livonia) was the son of Johann Caspar Stadtsyndicus Grewingk and his wife Christine nee Schramm. Of the highly educated parents, he was 1828-1836 sent to the Institute for Birkenruh Dersche Holla at contact and from 1836-1837 he prepared the Tartu school before the study, so that it is in August 1837 phil as at the national university of Dorpat student. could enroll.

Portraits of famous members of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin

Under the heading monographs on the history of the Academy to 1900, There are lots of interesting images plus biographies.

Great German from Pomerania

As part of this special exhibition here Pomeranian personalities from all fields of art, Scientists and mathematicians, Political personalities, Legal scholars, Language- and literary scholars honored. A special highlight are the portraits in the back of the book. She owns a name like: of Schimmelmann, Rubenow, Adelung, Groening, Bill Roth, Virchow, von Dewitz, by Winterfeld, von der Marwitz, of Borcke, Schwerin, Fire, Runge, Ledebur, von Kleist, von Manteuffel, Bismarck, Bugenhagen, Mevius, of the East, Normann, Dohr, Kugler (to find some with their genealogies in the database[...]