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Franz Schwede-Coburg: A biography of the district leader and President of Upper Pomerania

On the subject of refurbishment! Franz Reinhold Swede * 5. March 1888 Drawöhnen in the district of Memel, East Prussia; +19. October 1960 in Coburg, was a Nazi politician and was at Coburg 28. August 1930 the first Party member Mayor of a district-free city. Of 1934 to 1945 he was Gauleiter of the NSDAP in Pomerania. Swede prevented at the end of the Second World War, a timely and orderly exodus of civilian population in Pomerania before the onrushing Red Army, but sat down in time with a ship from Sassnitz on 4. Mai[...]

Biographies of Riga

With the slogan “Man lives in the memory” on the cover, the author begins his work. This WHO'S WHO, focusing on the culture in Riga, offers life stories and family news and anniversary celebrations, Riga's city of the sheets of 1810 to 1879 and partly from since 1858 Riga appearing almanac to the year 1884 were taken. A look at the contents of the combined three volumes revealed to the reader many surprising names, supply determines the one or the other researchers new aspects.

Viktor Emil von Gebsattel (1883-1976) – Life and Work

Viktor Emil Freiherr von Gebsattel was 1883 in Munich, the first son of General Constantine of the Bavarian cavalry Gebsattel (1854-1932) and his wife Marie, give. Baroness Karg of Bebenburg (1860–1927) born. He received the Catholic-dominated conservative parents strict upbringing, the military for a career was oriented towards. A permanent stiffening of the knee, the result of a hunting accident, made an impossible military use, so Gebsattel first career diplomats sought. After graduation he studied law in Berlin therefore, but quickly turned the[...]

Design of an illustrated biography on the life of jazz musician Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk - this was more than the man with the hat as a trademark. Monk fans of all countries are celebrating the 50. Anniversary of his breakthrough: The appearance in the New York Town Hall in February 1959. This fact could actually see as a sign. A coincidence or fate, that was just written in the year of a thesis by Tobias backs and Thelonious Monk? Diese Frage lässt sich wahrscheinlich genauso wenig klären wie all die Mythen und Theorien die um den Jazzmusiker Monk existieren und seine  [...]

Gottfried Christoph Beireis professor of Helmstedt 1759 to 1809

In the parish register of St. Blaise is at the year 1730: “Mr. Johann Christian Cammerschreiber Beyreis baptized a son, called Gottfried Christoph. The Godfather was Councillor Stüler. The 2ten Martii”. Because it was so common in Muehlhausen to let the children baptized on the second day after birth, So has the distinguished professor at the 28.2.1730 the light of day; done so that different information. The whole of Germany knew Beireis, his call reverberated far to distant lands. Raised figures (as Goethe) came to Helmstedt, nur um ihn  [...]