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Database of the Latvian cultural history in pictures

The database contains 2900 Photos by the year 1914 and is searchable by occupation and names, of. B. People from the publishing industry, Composer, People in public life, Teacher, Musician, Industrial, Treasurer, Pharmacist, Artist, Mayor, Physicians, Bishops, Legal scholars, Diplomats, Archaeologists, Botanist… These are mostly Birth- and date of death known, References and publications. Website: Latvian State Historical Archives

Professor catalogs from six universities (catalogus professorum)

Professors and lecturers at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) of 1870 to 1995 in alphabetical order. Edited by Dr. Klaus Graf (Document files) Joan and Marcel Zigan Oeben, with references (Archival) to the local people in all finding aids University Archives of the. 146 Biographies of namesakes, Rectors, Honorable senators, and Nobel Prize winners at the RWTH Aachen from the founding of the Polytechnic in 1870 to date, and the personnel files of the RWTH – Academic staff in the departments and institutes 1912 – 2005

Life and work of Ulrich Hegner

His father was Johann Heinrich Hegner, Dr. of. and Stadtphysicus, Born in 1715 and since 13. February 1741 married to Elsbetha Hegner. Both had been 18 Years living in a peaceful marriage, little more than the only son of Ulrich hopes on 7. February 1579 was born. After visiting the city of Winterthur school studied by Hegner 1776 to 1781 medicine in Strasbourg and received his doctorate there, but subsequently privatized in Winterthur, focused on literature and art and worked as a writer. 1786 he took over the[...]

Encyclopedia of the teachers of the people 19. Century

The time of 1825 – 1918 was in the heyday of the German-speaking school programs. They typically include an annual report on the school as well as a scientific treatise. For a long time were the only papers in Focus. Recently, also the details of the subject matter and interest to the tests. Little attention so far, the biographical information on teachers and students. (Also to my family Rambow and Liesegang)

Mueller-Friedberg, the first country in the canton of St Ammann. Gall

Among the highly esteemed politicians and diplomats is one of the St. Galler Baron Mueller-Friedberg, the first country in the anno Ammann 1803 incurred Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. The ancestors Mueller-Friedberg's goods by the Reformation, from the canton of Glarus, Zurich moved. As a scion of this race, he was at the Catholic 24. Feburary 1755 born. In baptism he was given the name of Franz, Karl, Alois, Mathias. In 1758 drew his father Franz Joseph Edler von Mueller Friedberg, Mr. stuff in Glarus, in consequence of the election as High Steward of the prince-abbot[...]