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Life of Ehrenfried Walther v. Tschirnhaus

Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, Lord of Kieslingswalde and Stoltzenberg, was near Goerlitz on 10.4.1651 afternoon at 18:00 Born on the clock and 12.4. baptized. He became famous as a naturalist was (Alchemist, Educationalists, Mathematician, Mineralogist, Philosopher, Physicist, Engineer, Volcanologist)

Biography Swedish War- and statesmen

From the contents: Count Rutger of mountain ash *2. June 1621 in Kurland, +17. April 1693 Gothenburg in a German field marshal in the Swedish-Baltic services and one of the greatest generals and politicians in Sweden. Adam Ludwig Count Lowenhaupt *15. April 1659 in a warehouse before Copenhagen, +12. February 1719 in Moskau, a Swedish general. Erich (Erik Jonsson) Count of Dahlberg * 10. October 1625 in Stockholm, † 16. January 1703 a Swedish field marshal and military engineer.

Live pictures of German men of modern times

Those: Live pictures of German men of modern times: with 40 Portraits, Hanns v. Zobeltitz, Published by Velhagen & Klasing, 1901 (Download) at the Russian State Library.

Biographical memorials

Karl August Varnhagen von Ense (* 21. 2.1785 in Dusseldorf; † 10. 10. 1858 in Berlin) was a German chronicler, Narrator, Biograph, Member of the Frankfurt Parliament, Diarist and diplomat. He also made the following “Biographical memorials”, all of which are available for download.

Images from life and work of Danziger men and women in politics, Economy, Press, Art

Paul von Hindenburg came from an old East Prussian nobility paternal, the family of Hindenburg. He was 1847 son of the Prussian officer and landowner Robert Hans Ludwig von Hindenburg and Beneckendorff (1816–1902) and his wife Louise bourgeois Schwickart (1825–1893) born. Be eleven years younger brother, Bernhard von Hindenburg wrote 1915 The first biography of Field Marshal. August von Mackensen was the son of the steward Louis Mackensen (1817–1890) and Marie Rink (1824–1916) Born in the then Prussian province of Saxony. Without ever having visited the Military Academy, was[...]