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Countess Friederike of speeches give. Baroness Riedesel at Eisenbach

It was in 1760 as the captain of Hussars Friedrich Adolf von Riedesel, Baron zu Eisenbach, The beautiful 15-year-old Frederica von Massow met. Mr. von Massow, King Frederick II. sent to the allied army, was living in Minden. Riedesel, First in the Hessian service, was created Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick commanding. A year later, Riedesel was wounded by a bullet in the shoulder, and came at the request of his bride in her parents' house to Minden. Riedesel father was not impressed by this connection, because of the[...]

Duke Christoph von Mecklenburg

In the Duchy of Mecklenburg ruled in the first half of the 16. Century together, the two brothers Henry V. the peaceable and Albrecht VII. the Fair. Henry took the position, that the community government is to obtain equal rights maintain, But Albrecht called for a full inheritance of the land, the government and the income. It was after much back and forth a middle ground. The brothers shared in 1534 Offices and income, so that now distinguish between Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Güstrow had. But the principle of community government remained intact.

Messages about sex from Raven

The sex is a chronicle of Raven says, from the Leutitiern in Western Pomerania. The family messages were originally niedergelgt in the archives of Brandenburg and Friedland's, but were lost during the 30-year war. It seems, as if the Ravensche sex was among the colonists, Turning again to the Prince Pribislaw used around the year 1169 to uplift the country convened to Mecklenburg. A certificate from the monastery of Sonnenkamp 28. June 1240 Raven mentions a friar at the “militibus Christi” Knights of the Sword; a document of the Dukes of[...]

Helene Duchess of Orleans, a Mecklenburg princess

The Hereditary Prince Frederick Louis (1778-1819) of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was married to his first marriage with Helena Pavlovna, a daughter of the Russian Emperor, who had fathered at not less loud ugliness beautiful children. This covenant only lasted a few years, as the beautiful Grand Duchess suffered from tuberculosis and passed away. To his second wife was the heir Princess Caroline Louise (1786-1816) chosen, a daughter of Grand Duke Carl August of Weimar. From this marriage was on the Prince 24. January 1814 a daughter born in Ludwigslust, which he remembered[...]

Biography of the Baron Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein

The lords and from the stone, their first name in documents of the 11. and 12. Century is called, were a rich baronial sex, Burgmann in relation to the Counts of Nassau and involved in their gallant impromptu trains and exploits. As vassals of the empire they fought in the armies of the Emperor, for example, under Edward III. of England and the reign of Charles the Bold of Burgundy. So it happened that Louis was slandered by stone, been in the enemy camp from Koblenz to be. He was so volatile country,  [...]