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The charters of the Counts de Lagardie in Tartu University Library

Pontus Lagardie, a noble family in the country sprung from Languedoc, was of his parents were originally intended for the church. But he withdrew from the bondage of life and devoted himself to the war: first in Piedmont under Marshal Brissac, then from 1559 in Scotland in French auxiliaries. After the Treaty of Edinburgh Ponus entered the service of King Frederick II. of Denmark, and after the peace between Denmark and Sweden, he entered Swedish service. Already 1566 He was sent on a diplomatic mission to France.

The life history of the State Minister Robert Victor von Puttkamer

Robert was on Victor von Puttkamer 5. More 1828 Frankfurt on the Oder was born the second son of the former Council on Court of Appeal of Eugene Puttkamer. His life-stages, starting with a description of his descent, the history of the sex of Puttkamer and the von Zitzewitz. His youth and life as a district administrator to 1866, Puttkamer government as President and Chief President and 1879, Standing up to the Puttkamer 1881, Career as a Minister of the Interior, his reforms, correspondence with Bismark and a description of the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm I activity.

Life and work of Johann Bugenhagen

Johannes Bugenhagen *24. June 1485 in Wollin, +20. April 1558 Wittenberg. Was also known as Doctor Pomeranus, Bugenhagen was an eminent German reformer Martin Luther and a companion. Here is his life story in digital form.

Early years of the Empress Maria Feodorovna of Russia

Sophie Dorothea of ​​Württemberg was the fourth of twelve children and the eldest daughter of Duke Frederick Eugene of Wurttemberg marriage with Sophia Dorothea Friederike of Brandenburg-Schwedt, She was born on 25. October 1759 to Szczecin. She was the sister of King Frederick I of Württemberg's first. and the great niece of Frederick the Great. At his request, and Catherine the Great, it came to engagement with the widowed Tsarevich Paul. The ceremony took place in Berlin on 23. July 1776. Ludwig von[...]

Franz von Sickingen

Born 1481 the son of Margaret and Schweickhardt of Sickingen by the High Castle, married to Hedwig of Flersheim, with which he 6 Children had… He was important as a supporter of the Reformation and as the leader of the Rhenish and Swabian knights. His influence was the saw to, dass Carlos I. Charles V of Spain as. German Emperor was.