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The abbot Gottfried Bessel (1672-1749)

Family Road Sign

The oldest family member was the grandfather of Abbot, Peter Bessel. The father, Johann Georg Bessel, should either Dröll in Silesia or about Erfurt. 1628 be born. The first version can be found 1656 in the posting Taufmatrikeln, where Johann Georg on Bessel 27. VII. as a godparent also named Johann Georg getaufen son is listed. (A detailed description of the family history with a detailed genealogy are included in this work) Johann Georg was born on 5. 9.1672, later known as Abbot Gottffried, got its name[...]

George Frideric Greifenklau Vollrads of a prelate of the middle Rhine Reichsritterschaft

The genealogical classification of the family settled in the Rheingau Greifenklau as country of origin, and as the home field of the noble families of angle called Greiffenklau, of Vollrads, Touch-of Vollrads, Matuschka-Greiffenklau of Vollrads. Countess Clara Matuschka-Greiffenklau (1870-1959) in long years the Castle of Archives of Vollrads sighted, organized and made available for scientific research. The nucleus of their aristocratic landowners in the village in the district of angle and angular, to look the part of rheingauischen Urmark.

The Life of Field Marshal Count Yorck von Wartenberg

The tradition of family called England as the home of York's. There, the sex flourish in the Earl of Hardwicke, though nothing but the coat of arms bears witness to the old relationship. (Blue St. Andrew's cross in silver shields) As Catholics and loyal supporters of the Stuarts, they had emigrated in the first of which fall under Charles XII of Sweden and gene. came to the Prussian Baltic coast. A marriage was the occasion to change his religion. Therefore probably originates in the proportion of the goods Gustkowski Buetow, after which Yorcks grandfather John[...]

Silesian country people

An excellent book of remembrance, Silesian-born men and women from the time of 1180 to the the Present with a brief outline of the history of Silesia.

Margaret of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands

Just south of Ghent, the town of Oudenaarde, known by the victory, here the 1708 Marlborough and Prince Eugene won over the French. Symbol a mighty castle, the 1385 was built by Philip the Bold. Emperor Charles V. was accompanied here by his court, and pitched his ministers in the war against the French in his Headquarters. So important in political terms, his stay was, but he found leisure to begin a love affair. It is, here it recognized for the first time the passion for a woman.[...]