Chronicle of the Family of Gemmingen and their possessions

Das Adelsgesch

Familie von Gemmingen geht auf ein reichsunmittelbares, Alemannic back knights, which is headquartered in place Gemmingen (District of Heilbronn, Baden-Wurttemberg) had Kraichgau.

Dutch Royal House: History of the House of Nassau-Orange

Royal coat-Koenigshaus-Niederlande

The house of Nassau-Orange – Summaries: Geschlechtstafel des Salischen Stammes und der Grafen von Nassau nach Kremer Geschlechtstafel der Grafen von Nassau und ihrer Stammverwandten bis zu Walram und Otto

History of sex of men, Barons and earls of Puttkamer


History of sex of men, Barons and counts of Puttkamer download link:

The story of the noble family of Schwerin in three volumes


Adelsgeschlecht von Schwerin Selten kann ein Name sicherer auf seine Quelle, be attributed to the origin of its formation, as the name of the sex of Schwerin. The place was formerly a new Schwerin Castle, the Noble Gunzelin Hagen had to replace the ruined old Wendish Castle Schwerin (to him by Henry the Lion, after the subjugation of Mecklenburg in the year 1661 was given in fief) built. In 1166 Gunzelin was raised to the Count of Schwerin and the city of Schwerin was founded.

Benno of Studnitz: Brief outline of the family history of those Studnitz


The original story is from the family of Otto Studnitz (in the pedigree under no. 122) been born with a lot of diligence together. In the Prussian Adelslexikon the sex of Studnitz is described as follows: This old, still flourishing in Silesia noble family comes from Moravia, where his headquarters Bistrita, came to the Zierotins and Würben later. Now it is owned by the clergy to Olomouc. Later, the village of Studnitz Scholl acquired in Opava, but even this estate passed into other hands.