The castle Heimbach and the counts and lords of Hengebach


The name comes from Heimbecha first in a document of the Frankish king Theodoric I., with donations to the church at Arras. The name comes from the river Heimbach Hengebach “ubi Hengebach influit Ruram.”

History of the Salian and its sub-count in the districts of the Middle Rhine


Under the name Salian one summarizes a sex, located in the 10. Century in the middle Rhine districts developed and was eventually appointed in the person of Conrad II. and his descendants to the German Emperor- throne and to play a significant role.

Genealogy of the imperial barons of and Schorrenburg


What: State Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate: Master table of the now imperial masters of Frey and Schorrenburg and vormahligen Armigerorum Edelen and servants of Schorren Hasell and Hornbach called. From the year of Christ 1270. up in this years 1739te

Draft Genealogical History of the Ottonian branch of the Salic sex


Draft Genealogical History of the branch of the Ottonian and Salian race sprung from the same house lezten to Nassau on the division of the year in which vorgegangene 1255,

That Clevische Chronicle: with a genealogy of the dukes and earls of Cleves


The van der Schuren'sche Chronicle has been declared as property of the Turck Clevischen royal house and the office (Liber illustrious Domini Ducis et Cancellariae Cliuensis) From the contents: Chronicle of Gert van der shearings genealogy of the earls and dukes Clevischen source: Robert Scholten: Clevische Chronik: after the original manuscript of Gert van der shearings along with history and additives from Turck, a genealogy of the house Clevischen, Cleve: Boss, 1884