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History of the baronial and ducal dynasty of Krassow

The family of one of the older nobility Krassow of the Principality of Rügen and is already 1294 in the register of the Roskilde bishop mentioned. During the 15. Century was divided into three main lines of the sex. The founder of the first and most purchasers of Dambahn was Claus von Krassow. This line was extinguished, however, in the year […]


Genealogical Handbook of Baltic and armorial knighthoods

The states of Estonia and Latvia after 1. World War II from the historic landscapes of Livonia, Estonia, Kurland and Osel emerged, whose history has been determined for centuries by the knights of the resident German nobility. The respective sovereign guaranteed the privileges and so was able to knighthood by the end of 19. Century, the dominant and large landowning class of the country. […]


Messages from the family of Wulffen

The gender of house-Wulff'sche Neindorf in Halberstadt derives its name from the predator “Wulf and Wolf” from. Accordingly, it called itself Schlechtweg Wulf or Wolf without the preposition “of”. At the time of Leopold Kaisof (1658-1705) It was custom, the name of the old nobility in general, the preposition “of” vorzusetzen. Die Söhne von Christoff Heinrich fügten zum Namen […]


Dynastic research

Content: 1. The counts of Jülich and their kinsmen 2. Antoingsche the trunk with its branches 3. Possessions, after which the counts cited by Cleveland 4. The counts of Moers 5. Proof of membership of the Lords of the needle Schoeppingk 6. The Counts of Sayn 7. The noble lords of Holte 8. Der Adel […]


List of all genders, in the Gotha court calendar and included in the genealogical books are pocket (Download the ULB Düsseldorf) See also: Sammlung von Ahnenlisten und Nachrichten über Adelsgeschlechter in alphabetischer Reihenfolge den Artikel zu Genealogische Bücher des AdelsLike this:Like Loading…


Messages on the history of sex those of Rochow and their possessions

Their first documented appearance is linked to reliable and authentic goods which they have not. It is in particular the good Rochow in the Altmark. Here were the sons of the then already deceased knight Wichard 15 Hooves. To 5. Generation were three brothers with the name of Henry II, Wichard II. and Meinhard II. by Rochow. […]


Historical information about the family of Enckevort

The first of the family of Enckevort, The book was written by a family, was the longtime deputy and landowner Edward of Enckevort (+12.5.1883) In particular, the diaries of our ancestors, he recovered very critical. The little work of Edward was only written for the family and was in the original in the archives to Vogelsang for Ueckermunde. Das Geschlecht von Enckevort […]


The noble family of Prittwitz

The legend begins not taking into account the truly authentic story of the noble family of Prittwitz with the beginning of 14. Century. The oldest document is dated 1308. Was after Sinapius 1316 a Heigerus de Pretticz miles in Herzo Boleslaw III. zu Liegnitz und dieser Heigerus soll sich später am Hofe des Herzogs Conrad zu […]


Documentary history of the family's Tettau Tettau in the branches and Kinsky

The origin of the family is doing in Bohemia, other reasons for its origin in Germany, where the same is already in 9. Century should have listened to the nobility or knighthood, albeit in a Lehnsoberherrlichkeit under the King of Bohemia related land, probably the Saxon Upper Lusatia or Easter landing. It is true that, that the family […]


Documentary history of the family von Pentz

The Prince's Council, and Vogt to Schwerin, Joachim von Pentz has left behind two sons: Ulrich and Helmold. From those derived from the line Scharbow, from this the line Raguth. Initially, Ulrich's descendants were to Raguth, which it has first to 1533 exchanged against Scharbow. Ulrich had this much is known only to a son named Claus. The […]


The story of the von Meding

The family name first appears near Uelzen, in the place and this place is Medingen on the property and home of the family. Von großer Wichtigkeit für die Familie und ihrer Beneficien aus ältester Zeit sind insbesondere die von dem Landschaftsdirektor von Hodenberg herausgegebenen Lüneburger Lehnregister der Herzöge Otto und Wilhelm und der Herzöge […]


History of Castles, Manors, Abbeys and monasteries in the Rhineland and the provinces of Jülich, Cleve, Berg and Westphalia

Occupied under the Count and many noble dynasties and free areas in the Rhine. Some were in Diesten powerful counts and lords and received this feud. So it was decided, for example, in 1299 Emperor Albert I. on Opinion ever online princes, Gentlemen, Ministerial and Knight, die ihm von Erzbischof Wichold von Köln vorgelegte Frage ob eine Tochter […]


History of Noble sex Strantz

It is a Dietrich Strantz the first clue in a charter of Count Heinrich von Aschersleben, Guardian of the young Margrave of Brandenburg as a witness to Bernburg 1224 called. In 1257 kommt ein Hermann in einer Urkunde des Grafen Heinrich von Schwarzburg bei einer Verhandlung in Gotha als Mitzeuge vor und in einer Urkunde […]


Family history of Kardorff

The name of the sex of Kardorff is German and means at the present dialect, the word “Kirchdorf”. So he is hardly in divergent form of early. The family is one of the oldest families in Mecklenburg. The book also influenced keep the seal of the family, and the emblem of Ratke Kerkdorp to Nikör (aus der Kirche in […]


Amalie von Gallitzin – A life between scandal and legend

She was a scandal in her lifetime and was a legend, that they hardly spouse found their last resting place in the village cemetery of Angelmodde – the beautiful Princess Amalie von Gallitzin, Born Countess Schmettau from Berlin. During her lifetime she was on everyone's lips – if all those with thin top layer of Birth- […]


Pedigree of the Napoleonic family with historical notes

Napoleon was born 1769 and baptized according to Corsican custom 1771 came from the patrician family Buonaparte in Sarzana, since there 1529 detectable. He was the second son of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino, came from this marriage 13 children together, of which 5 Children died in infancy. Die Familie gehörte dem korsischen Kleinadel an und […]


Family history of von Hardenberg

Originally, the area belonged to Hardenberg, Göttingen and the whole country to the Free State of Saxony. But with the Frankish king Carloman and guided 745 geendeter unhappy war had the effect, that that area around Göttingen, Hagen and the pit had to be ceded Eichsfeld. The younger line which remained in Hardenberg, took in 14. Jahrhundert den Eberkopf […]


The old nobility in the Upper Rhine

The sexes have played an important role in this country, and of which seal and coat of arms are available. It does not include the “Andlau, Eptingen, Hohenstein, Landsberg, Rathsamhausen etc.” Those: Kindler von Knobloch, Julius: The old nobility in the Upper Rhine, Berlin: Julius Sittenfeld 1882 (Download)Like this:Like Loading…


The history of the town and the high school Jülich

The history of Jülich, in particular, the former high school is 1890 been started. Whereas in 1. Part of the history of the city and its city charter is treated excerpts, bring the 2. and 3. Part of the continuous history of the city and also for the history of the school. The coherent presentation begins around the middle of 16. […]