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The ancestors of Louis Ferdinand Wentz (to Pepin the Short, King of the Franks)


Louis Ferdinand Wentz, Genealogists from Passion, has created this work for posterity! Significant genealogists like Karina Kulbach-Fricke and study director Alfred Blömer served him well to help,

Three centuries of Russian history

Overview of Russian history since the accession of the Romanov today (1598-1898) Two genealogical tables and map of the empire. Author Dr. Arthur Kleinschmidt, Berlin 1898 The author focused on the presentation of the cultural development in Russian history, and the story begins with the Date 862 ruling house of Rurik, that on January 7th 1598 by Tsar Fyodor I. Ivanovich died in the male. Succeeded by his brother Boris Godunov. Specifically he averted, that his power would be limited in the choice Tsar and used the authority[...]