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Armorial of the Prussian Rhine Province


Christian Samuel Theodor Bernd had been 1811 worked at the library in Wroclaw, was 1813 a professorship, only in Kalisz at the high school and two years later at a school in Poznan.

History of the Lords and Counts of Eltz


A well-known representatives of this family was Jacob von Trier Elector. He was born the son of Johann Eltz, Bailiff in Landeck and the merge of Breitbach in 1510. After graduation, he was on 15. September 1525 be sworn as a canon of Trier.

The rule Randerath up for incorporation into the Duchy of Jülich


Arnold Randerath owned by his second wife, the court Setterich during a period of 10 Years, because the marriage was childless and was made after the death of this woman back to the relationship.

The rule Hardenberg under their old dynasts


The first rule of sex Hard mountains were the brothers and Herimann Nevelung, the emperor as witnesses in matters Conrad III. occurred. They led the earldom. Hermann was pin Vogt Kaiserswerth and Deputy Rhenish Palatinate Count Hermann of Staleck with the main course to Kreuzberg before Kaiserswerth.

History and genealogy of the family pastor


The time now is again a scanned book, where I have my pleasure. It is completely legible. I must particularly emphasize the work, has made the author made in the compilation, because that's how we imagine a printed family history. This is one a treasure trove for genealogists. But the jewelery images in this work is unparalleled. Coat of arms and seal of all family members, For example, the Haniel family, exists over the already an article, Tombs, Documents, Portraits, a family tree as a decoration panel, Pictures of the[...]