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Hagen's family and their achievements in forestry

Already Friedrich Wilhelm Christian von Hagen, Born on 18.3.1754 Uthleben near Nordhausen was already chief forester in Ilsenburg. From his two marriages 1. Sophie Christine Liesenberg +18.9.1798 Ilsenburg and 2. mit Christiane Charlotte Hardegen +24.4.1851 Ilsenburg, nine children are known and the six sons of whom I would like to describe here in detail, continued this tradition and devoted themselves to the forestry profession. The first son of Heinrich August *13.11.1776 Ilsenburg was forester in Silesia, Two son, Karl Ludwig *12.1.1787, was forester in Annaburg.

The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode)

With Seal-figures in stone pressure from government counsel Heinrich Christian Delius to Wernigerode, published in February 1832 From: of Ledebur's general archive for the History class of the Prussian State, 7. Band. 2. Issue Contents: The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode) the Erbmarschälle the pen Halberstadt. Gender row of the Hartesrode in the county of Wernigerode. (Pedigree and coat of arms)