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Micraelius: Antiquities Pomeraniae or six books of the old Pommernland


This is good news! Finally, as a digitized: Antiquities Pomeraniae or six books of the old Pommernland, 1639 to 1640 Content: 1. Book: First book of the Old State Pommer 2. Book: On the other book of the Old State Wendish Pomerania 3. Book: Third book of the Old Saxon country Pommer 4. Book: The first part of last year Pomeranian stories … and thus the Fourth Book of the Pomeranian country 5. Book: Book of the Year Fünfftes Pomeranian stories 6. Book: Sixth and last book,Pommer of the country's population of source and opportunity: Micraelius, John (1597-1658) : Antiquities Pomerania[...]

Slavic period and Wendisch Rambow

In the early medieval migrations left the Germanic tribes and the settlement area between Lower Elbe, Saale and Oder largely. Invaded by these 600 Slavs from the territory east of the Oder one. The West Slavs (“Turn”) were in the West Mecklenburg Obotrites (or Abotriten) and east of Mecklenburg and Pomerania in the Wilzen or Liutizi. Characteristic of the Slav settlements were castles seats as rulers and political centers. Originally they were built on hilltops, created later with ramparts in areas with poor access to lakes and rivers. The seat[...]