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The Bibliotheca Windhagiana : Digitized Books from the coat of arms 16. Century

At the 5. January 1651 Joachim Enzmilner of Emperor Ferdinand was due to its “ sonderbar , famous, guten Qualitäten , aristocratic manners and virtues , Vernunft , admirable skill and sophistication , also because of the emperor by 15 years faithfully in the Lower Austrian government provided services ” in den Freiherrnstand aufgenommen und durfte sich unter Weglassung seines Familiennamens Enzmilner nunmehr Wohlgeborner […]


Siebmachers armorial

The books contain sieve-Arms 130.000 Wappen in 119 Volumes. 1605 appeared to be a first part of his “New Wappenbuch” with 226 Boards. 1609 the second with 164 Boards. At the time of 1854 to 1967 appeared the new sieve. The individual volumes were divided into divisions. Primarily responsible for initially was Otto Titan v. Hefner. Dem jedoch […]