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Armorial called by the First Code Seffken

Armorial of the First, called “Codex Seffken” next the Zurich Wappenrolle the oldest heraldic manuscript, created by 1379. The original from the late 14. Century and was modeled with an introduction and notes by Gustav Adelbert Seyler, Berlin, Verein Herold 1893. It contains the coat of arms from the Dutch and the Lower Rhine area.

Armorial collections of the Bavarian State Library

The Munich Digitisation Centre provided by the armorial heraldic collections are true treasure troves of art and the art of printing, gladden the heart of so many researchers are. Choreography in Flemish portraits of the sovereigns, the arms of the nobility and the country in his geography, Netherlands 1562 Content: Arnulf I., Count of Flanders, Balduin VII., Count of Föandern, Karl I. the Good, Philipp II. the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Good, Maria von Burgund, Kaiser Maximilian I., Philipp I. King of Castile, Emperor Charles V, Isabella von Portugal, Philipp  [...]

By King Friedrich Wilhelm II. elevated to the peerage

Wappen der Grafen von der Groeben

Included arms: Prince Carl von der Osten Sacken called, Counts of Hertzberg, the Count von Blumenthal, von der Schulenburg, Carl Georg Heinrich Graf von Hoym, the counts of the Groeben (Gröben) the Count von der Goltz, Counts of Kalckreuth, by Beyer, Samuel of Boulet, Peter Henry of Conninx, Heinrich Friedrich von Diez, Johann Wilhelm von Dittmar, Christian Wilhelm von Dohm, Victor Tobias Ernst von Ernsthausen, by Jacobi, George William Jaeger Feldt, Hans Wilhelm von Kummer, Joachim Frederick of Lamprecht, Franz von Redecker, of[...]

Genealogical books on needle

The books and papers lying in PDF and DjVu format. The required plugin for the browser can download the adjacent sub-address and Becoming The installed. See also: Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order and the item to the nobility encyclopedias

Pomeranian armorial band 1-5