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The nobility of Sweden and Finland

This paper provides a summary of the Swedish-language work published in two parts the author “Sveriges Adel I.. (1898) and II. (1902) The work tables are nominal over all living and extinct noble families in Sweden received, with number in the House of Nobility, the year of the survey, of lapse, nationality and profession of ancestor included. Also compare this product with the title: Swedish nobility Calendar: Sweden chivalry and nobility calendar

New adeliches arms factory

Content, including by the emblems of His Majesty the Emperor of All the Russias, 249 Boards, the arms of His Majesty Francis II, Coat of arms of His Imperial Majesty of France. Among other things, with the full-page coat of arms of Fugger, Hohenlohe-Waldenburg, Batthyani, Solms, Anhalt-Bernburg and Anhalt-Cothen, Limpurg-and right-wing Schönburg, Grassalkovics, Duke of Loon, Lowenstein-Wertheim, Sayn-Wittgenstein, Dietrichstein Proskau, Doria-Pamphili, Line, Imstand, Colloredo-Mannsfeld, and the Order of Malta.

The great Prussian royal coat of arms

It is not uninteresting to trace, What changes, the Royal Prussian coat of arms has been subjected. In the Stillfried 1875 out a given work we find a compilation of all arms since Frederick I. Under Frederick William III. appeared in 1817 A new coat of arms vervollständigtes. The same is stayed until 1864 unchanged, it was by a Cabinet Order of His Majesty the 11. August 1873 a change in the coat of arms arranged.

Tschudy's Aegidius Swiss armorial gender

With registration of Tschudy's hand; Coat of arms with inscriptions and documentary staff notes from another's hand as Tschudy, But apparently originating from it. About 2500 with the spring gez. and illum. Coat of arms.

The book of heraldry, Hans Ulrich fish with the demolition of the Habsburg History

Demolition of the Habsburg story in rhyme with pen and ink drawings of coats of arms of the Hapsburg coat of arms race, including the spouse; often portrayed as an alliance crest.