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The alchemists of Austrian nobility documents


In Germany, the alchemy was the beginning of the XIII. Century their catchment. The development was more important than, say, the pharmacy sector (The first pharmacy was established in Prague by emigrants from years 1408 errrichtet in Leipzig) In Austria the first alchemical doings coincided with the reign of Sigismund and the transfer of the imperial crown to his son Albert II.

The nobility of the Bohemian crown lands


The Kingdom of Bohemia was 6.774.309 Population (Stand 1910) By far the most important of the Habsburg Crown Land State. This summary from the hall books far more than 2ooo crest elevations of rank and letters and credentials have been the year 1530 listed. The hall served as the basis of books about this complex work. The oldest Bohemian noble acts dating from the year 1580, Some information comes from the early Kopialbüchern the governor's office in Prague.

Danziger Wappenwerk

The origin of the emblem is in the 12. Century back. In battle and tournament, occurred when the knight in armor and an iron with a closed visor, A need for a distinctive sign nnotwendig. First of a personal nature, soon as the badge of a certain family. The helmet was a characteristic design. Shield and helmet were so over time, the mating needs a coat of arms. The oldest coat of arms were adopted by their makers autocratic, They were all simple and straightforward. Shield divisions, Bar, Piles, Squarings, Rafter, Crosses, Sharpen[...]