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For the family crest Alemann


Kaiser Rudolph II. said on 9. March 1602 living in Germany “Alemänner” Johann Martin, Hans Christoph, Martin, Hans Moritz, Jacob, Moritz, Kaspar Ebeling, Abel and Joachim Heinrich and all their legitimate offspring born to right-feudal- and fellow tournament and knightly gentlemen. He increased and improved its altadeliges ancestral coat of arms and gave them the title “of”.

The nobility of Mecklenburg since the national constitutional Erbvergleiche 1755

Was on the crest of the Mecklenburg nobility already 1839 the “Mecklenburg armorial” and Hefner “The flowering of the Adel Großherzogthümer Mecklenburg” 1858 in the 45. and 46. Delivery of the great and general armorial published, However, the former is limited to the task and then the native wealthy nobility and describe Hefner's intention was, submit a complete armorial, what he does not fully succeed.