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The German Herold: Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History

Published by the Association of Berlin Herald. Once again I would like to provide relevant literature and the issues of the quarterly magazine hold a lot of background information and historical essays one. The writings were published under the title: “Quarterly Journal of heraldry and genealogy sphragistics” ( 1873–1889) “Quarterly magazine for arms-, Siegel and Family History” (1890–1931) As a brief overview here are some examples from the content of the expenditure 1876-1894: The synopses of the family of Sterbfritz, Coat of arms of the lords and barons of Puttkamer, the house Krockow, Fragments of genealogy Schledorn, Russian nobility conditions, Schirach and the von Schirach,  [...]

Medieval seal of the archdiocese of Magdeburg

This book is in three parts, deals extensively with the research arms of the same figures and formations and the associated question of the origin and dissemination of the appropriate sex, with forays into the genealogies. Their possible association with other tribal, or cities- Geistlichkeits-seals and also references to related illustrations, the importance of the emblems, and a detailed explanation of the historical and heraldic seal and coat of arms for the purposes of art and cultural history.

Heraldic History of Art in Switzerland

The author of the book "The History of Heraldic Art in Switzerland in the XII. and XIII. Century, "the territory of Switzerland to the study selected in this book, has taken place here since the development of heraldry under the influence of French and Italian culture trends early and rapidly and because the country is rich in heraldic monuments. Among the illustrations are , to name a few examples, the seal of the Count of Montfort 1214, the Count Rudolf of Habsburg 1243, Ulrich[...]

The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode)

With Seal-figures in stone pressure from government counsel Heinrich Christian Delius to Wernigerode, published in February 1832 From: of Ledebur's general archive for the History class of the Prussian State, 7. Band. 2. Issue Contents: The number of the lords of sex Hartesrode (Hasserode) the Erbmarschälle the pen Halberstadt. Gender row of the Hartesrode in the county of Wernigerode. (Pedigree and coat of arms)

The family Hattorf, Counts of Lutterberg and Letgäste

In the genealogy of the nobility Handbook Volume V, 1984 we find the following entry: Hattorf Ev., The genealogy begins with Valentine of Hattorf, *1496 died 1575 Mayor of Osterode am Harz and Duderstadt, its connection with the order 1300 occurring Uradelsgeschlecht same can not be proved. It is true, There has been no reliable evidence for this relationship, but the same source, which is mentioned in this manual for the nobility, other place is reproduced exactly the opposite.