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Messages from the family of Wulffen


The gender of house-Wulff'sche Neindorf in Halberstadt derives its name from the predator “Wulf and Wolf” from. Accordingly, it called itself Schlechtweg Wulf or Wolf without the preposition “of”. At the time of Leopold Kaisof (1658-1705) It was custom, the name of the old nobility in general, the preposition “of” vorzusetzen. The sons of Heinrich Christoff added to the name nor the ending “science” and then the race was called henceforth “Wulffen”.

History of Noble sex Strantz


It is a Dietrich Strantz the first clue in a charter of Count Heinrich von Aschersleben, Guardian of the young Margrave of Brandenburg as a witness to Bernburg 1224 called. In 1257 comes a Hermann in a charter of Count Heinrich von Schwarzburg, at a hearing in Gotha Mitzeuge than before and in a deed of Landgrave of Thuringia in Albrecht 1272 (Hermannus Stranz they Tull Present) Conrad (Cuntz I.) called Stranz of Lebus appears immediately following the Hermann Castle Markgräflicher Gesessener. This Conrad and[...]