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Mistress Sophie Marie Countess von Voss


Sophie Marie Countess von Voss, Born of Pannewitz and Mistress of Her Majesty the Queen Louise of Prussia, after their death and Oberaufseherin Grande governess of the royal princes and princesses, awarded the Order of Black Eagle, the Order and the Russian-Louise St. Catherine's Order. She was born on 11. March 1729 in Schönfließ.

Jerome of the East

Jerome of the East was 1612 was born on Ahrenshagen. After being educated at home, The father sent him Reimar Wedige of the east together with a tutor at the University of Wittenberg, and only later to Leipzig, Jena and Groningen. After studying Jerome traveled extensively throughout the Netherlands and the Spanish provinces and armies, was in sieges and military campaigns while. His father called him back, because he did not want, that he still remained longer at war. For this purpose, he should come to Darmstadt[...]