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From the contents: Tournament collar in the German heraldry, the nobility Behr, Bar in Northern Germany, Messrs. Jerichow and their kinsmen, the Lippe Rose Group, Seal of the City of Aachen, Studies on the family of Hammerstein.

Kursell a German-Baltic nobility

The family can be documented only in Kursell XV. Century demonstrate. The first of which we know Kursell, George's (Jürgen) Kursell in Kurland. 1442 George was invested with five and a half hook country and remained there for nearly a century in the family. In 1528 they gave the fief to. With the consent of Wolters Plettenberg sold the son of the first Lehnsträgers his father's estate and went to Livonia. Only one member of the family seems to have remained in Courland, for the year[...]

About the nobility belonging to the family of the deaf from Duve, otherwise known as

In the Ostseelanden Russlands, Prussia and Sweden to meet with the families of origin uradeliger a name, in the usual form today is the same well, the upward-sloping but very determined in earlier centuries apart in two main directions is both linguistically and guides as well as homely and nationality according to very different roots. This is the name of pigeon; at one of these races up to the conducting forms Daube, Dube Dube and thus to Upper Saxony, Thuringia, Bohemia; at the other by the[...]