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Between empire state stem and caste domination: The Count of Stolberg and their relationship to the Landgrave of Thuringia

With the emergence of the medieval feudal system was the emergence of the landlords as economic and legal form of organization of the land associated. Of these, based on the classic manors lordships differed qualitatively the form of rule of the counts and the noble lords or. Dynasten, a kind of hybrid position between them and the emerging dominance of the country's rulers took.

Countess Elise von Bernstorff, born Countess of Dernanth

Elise von Bernstorff, Born on Jan 27, came from Dernanth 1789 in Copenhagen for the World. She died in Berlin on 1. November 1867. In 1806 she married the diplomat and statesman Christian Günther von Bernstorff. This was already 18 Years in the Danish Foreign Ministry worked in various positions.