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The descendants of the Chancellor, Dr. Gregory of bridge


About the family of Dr. Gregory of bridge we infer from the German nobility Glossary of Kneschke in Volume II page 95 The following notes: The bridge is a family-Saxon nobility, the ancestor of the famous, Emperor Charles V. is raised to the peerage Chancellor Gregor Brück of. Apart from the nobility, he had the goods Niemegk, Borstendorf, Gräfenheinichen Mädersdorf and brought to the tribe, and by two sons (Gregor and Christian) continuing.

The Brandenburg nobility of the Groeben


The gentlemen of the Groeben belong to nobility in the archbishopric of Magdeburg and branches of the family still exist today. The family was first documented in the 29. November 1140 with Luiderus de Grebene mentioned and so it was probably her parent, a deserted village near Calbe Saale. The first representatives of this family were probably in the year 927 together with King Henry in the Mark Brandenburg.