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Family history of von Manteuffel, with its four main lines


Manteuffel is the name of an old noble family Pomeranian, wealthy and highly regarded in the Baltics (Kurland) but also in Lower Lusatia, Silesia, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg.

The family von Keyserlingk

Keyserlingk Wappen

The Keyserlingk originally from Westphalia. The earliest known record of a knight John of Keselinck is dated from the year 1226, a second from a nobleman Keserlingk the year 1346. A knight Hermann emigrated from Keselingk loud document of the year 1492 to Livonia from, where the sex was home to several centuries. Since the year 1560 they call themselves Baron von Keyserlingk. The spelling of the name has changed over time and at the junction of the sex multiple times (Emperor Ling, Kaiserlingk) up on a family day[...]