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The pedigrees of Samuel Lenz


From the contents: From the kings and emperors in Italy in the ninth and following Seculis The kings and emperors in Italy by the X. The Seculo Marggrafen Jurea of ​​the Roman whore, the Carolingian imperial family of the XI. Seculi The Saxon emperors and dukes Fränckischen The Emperor Of the Earl of Supplingenburg The Swabian Emperor, the Counts of Rheinfelden and Thuringia Men The Luxe TPF source: Spring, Samuel: Samuel Lentzens the Prince of-court Cöthenschen- and Weimar government council ordinary sheets of the Historical and Genealogical research designed as much for the same imperial history relevant and[...]

History of counts and lords of Moers


The first possession of the Lords to Moers was not significant. The former Count and Lord of Baerl, Lords of Asberg, Homberg and many foreign freehold had here, which the counts of Moers gradually by buying, Attached to marriage and inheritance are. The life of Count Theodoric II. coincides with the life and the government of Count Rudolph of Hapsburg, on the 30. September 1273 to Frankfurt and on to the elected king 24. October the same year by Archbishop Engelbrecht crowned in Aachen[...]