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Helene Duchess of Orleans, a Mecklenburg princess

The Hereditary Prince Frederick Louis (1778-1819) of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was married to his first marriage with Helena Pavlovna, a daughter of the Russian Emperor, who had fathered at not less loud ugliness beautiful children. This covenant only lasted a few years, as the beautiful Grand Duchess suffered from tuberculosis and passed away. To his second wife was the heir Princess Caroline Louise (1786-1816) chosen, a daughter of Grand Duke Carl August of Weimar. From this marriage was on the Prince 24. January 1814 a daughter born in Ludwigslust, which he remembered[...]

From the Life of Princess Amalie Auguste

The present duchy of Nassau, was split into two principalities beginning of this century, once the princely branch of Nassau-Usingen and secondly, the royal line of Nassau-Weilburg. The line with the Emperor Adolph of Nassau-Usingen (+1298) among their ancestors, in the male line died out with the first Duke Friedrich August of Nassau, give. at the 23.4.1738 + 24.3.1816. Frederick Augustus is described as an upright character with knightly virtues. In his youth he had served under the Imperial Royal Austrian cavalry, the 7-year war and participated later in the Turkish Wars. For it gave you[...]