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Clemens August Freiherr von Droste Vischering the controversial Archbishop of Cologne

Droste zu Vischering

Clemens August, comes from one of the oldest aristocratic families of the Westphalian, of the family of Baron Droste Vischering. From it emerged men, will always be in our history is important. Here is called the Prince Bishop Bernard of Galen or the Minister of Fürstenberg. The older line had in Westphalia 19. Century house Lütke Beck, Asbeck, Vorhelm, Darfeld with the surge Darfeld, Holtwick, Rockel, Visbeck, Woersche, Kakesbeck, Vehaff, Vischering, Bevern, Mengede and Long. In the Kingdom of Hanover were Brandlecht, Caldenhoff, Haselüne and Lenger layer in[...]