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Full history of the family of the Barons of Elverfeldt


The lineage extends from the year 1138 until this day demonstrate an unbroken sequence. The Barons of Elverfeldt descended from the Cologne Edelvögten and that specifically of those, the name of Heppendorf led.

The noble family whose coat of arms and Arenberg


The Arenberge are among the oldest Catholic aristocracy of Europe. When they see their ancestor Hartmann von Arenberg, in the 1099 in the fight against the infidels fell. Otherwise the story knows little about the cultural history of this family to tell, which is all the time was one of the heads of the nobility. It is called the Prince August, an intimate friend of Count Mirabeau. The domination of the sex of Arenberg experienced over time a dazzling ascent to the Duchy. At 1280/81 died the older noble Lord lineage in[...]