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The detailed history of the Lords and Stael von Holstein spots


The sex was called initially “Spots” and was divided into two main lines, one of which retained the name of the spots and the other is called Stael. The castle was the headquarters of Holstein, and this led to the nickname of each line “of Holstein”. Later, than the sex itself further branched, still others came to nickname, e.g.. Stael v. Holstein to hard rock, Honrath, Langwit, Aspic, Suthausen etc.

The noble family whose coat of arms and Arenberg


The Arenberge are among the oldest Catholic aristocracy of Europe. When they see their ancestor Hartmann von Arenberg, in the 1099 in the fight against the infidels fell. Otherwise the story knows little about the cultural history of this family to tell, which is all the time was one of the heads of the nobility. It is called the Prince August, an intimate friend of Count Mirabeau. The domination of the sex of Arenberg experienced over time a dazzling ascent to the Duchy. At 1280/81 died the older noble Lord lineage in[...]

Dynastic research


Content: 1. The counts of Jülich and their kinsmen 2. Antoingsche the trunk with its branches 3. Possessions, after which the counts cited by Cleveland 4. The counts of Moers 5. Proof of membership of the Lords of the needle Schoeppingk 6. The Counts of Sayn 7. The noble lords of Holte 8. The nobility of the province of Westphalia 9. Recognition of the baronial the predicate of Ledebur 10. On the gender of the gentry Märkischen, those in 13. to 15. The century mark “Noble lords” awarded[...]