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The arms of the Counts von Bülow


The sex of Biilow is a member of the Mecklenburg nobility and was 1705 the baron 1736 as well as 1814 and 1816 elevated to the rank of count. The family arms of the sex shows in blue fourteen, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 Golden Ball (Balls) Because of the semi-circular shape of the bottom plate, the ball often in a different order: 1, 4, 3, 3 asked. From the two blue helmets grow, outward-looking buffalo horns, covered with golden balls. The helmet covers the outside are blue and gold interior. With the elevation[...]

From time faded away: Memoirs of the Paula von Bulow 1833-1920

Paula was born in Berlin, referred to himself but rather as Süddeutsche. Her father, Count Franz de Paula von Linden was at that time agent of the state at the Prussian court of Württemberg. The family is of Dutch origin Linden; She writes in there sometimes with “i” and partially with”and”. The original center of the baronial branch moved 18. Century after MONTBELIARD (Montbeliard) and entered the Württemberg State Service. Paula's father married 1832 By Marie Hill (His mother was a countess Benzel to Sternau) Her mother was a maid of honor[...]