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Historical information about the Koszalin, Wipe and sexual repression Kolbergische Schweder


There are not many families for whom it is possible, expel such a long period of a genealogy.

Archive for history of German nobility, Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics


From the contents: Tournament collar in the German heraldry, the nobility Behr, Bar in Northern Germany, Messrs. Jerichow and their kinsmen, the Lippe Rose Group, Seal of the City of Aachen, Studies on the family of Hammerstein.

Records and research on the history of sex Behr


It is often told, that the German Behr family of the Italian noble family descended Ursini or Orsini, no doubt because it was the name bear a translation of Ursini. Charlemagne is a brave warrior from the Italian family of Ursini in a battle axes 783 have a good gift in the newly established Diocese of Osnabrück and called the same Bärenau.

Wer waren die Eltern von Jacob Georg Moritz von Behr (3.1.1693-30.6.1760)

Oder wer kann mit Kopien aushelfen? Gesucht wir der ArtikelDas Geschlecht von Behr auf Stellichte, Häuslingen und Hoya” Those: Zeitschrift für niedersächsiche Familiengeschichte (ZNF) No.. 36, 1961 Seite ab Seite 87