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Origin and history of the horse family man Demminer


Known as the Danish history of the Prussian financier Carl Heinrich Schimmelmann, born 1724 Demmin and died at 1782 in Copenhagen, led his family from middle-class family in unimaginable splendor, Wealth and fame. The origins of this family have returned to the cities of Rostock, Bützow, Wismar and Demmin. According to the documentary evidence, the mold man's ancestors to leave year1 1485 trace back.

From the Life of the Countess Elisa Ahlefeldt


Elisa Davidia Margaret Countess of Ahlefeldt was on 17. November of the year 1790, born on the birthday of her father on the castle Trankjör on the Danish island of Langeland. Her father, Count Frederick of Ahlefeldt-Laurvigen, geborenam 17. November 1760, belonged to an ancient and noble race, in the 1665 by Emperor Leopold I.. in the imperial counts and 1672 was raised by the King of Denmark in the Danish earl. He relished by Rank, Power and wealth, much prestige. He was the special favorite of King Frederick VI. of[...]