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The history of sex from the Klöden 18 Generations


From the contents: Names and locations of the same name and description of the crest of the origin, the history of the race from Klöden 18 Extract from the generations linked by marriages sparkled families: in. Theus, in. Bassewitz, Fire, in. Broesigke, in. Eickstedt, in. Fahrenholz, in. Goldbeck, in. Hagen, in. Holsten, in. d. Knesebeck, in. Lattorf, in. Lochow, in. Möllendorff, in. Randow, in. Retzow, in. Pipe, in. Rossow, in. Schwerin, in. Sperling, in. Stechow,, in. Treskow, in. Wartenberg, in. Werder, etc., just to name a few source: Karl[...]

Biographical memorials

Karl August Varnhagen von Ense (* 21. 2.1785 in Dusseldorf; † 10. 10. 1858 in Berlin) was a German chronicler, Narrator, Biograph, Member of the Frankfurt Parliament, Diarist and diplomat. He also made the following “Biographical memorials”, all of which are available for download.