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History of the noble house of Campe and betting on Isenbüttel Mars Hagen

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From the contents: 1163-1230 under the name of the Blankenburg 1230-1367 under the name of the Campe Campe Isenbüttel on Mars and betting by Hagen 1367-1782 The von Campe to Neindorff, Herlingsberg, Gersdorf, Elbingerode pedigrees of the Campe, of Bodendieck, of Krosigk, usw. What: Steffens, Johann Heinrich: Sexual history of the House of Campe Hochadelichen Isenbüttel on Mars and betting Hagen etc. : together with related family trees, Coat of arms, Seals and other grösten Partly as yet unpublished documents and messages, 1783

Family history of the Barons of Uslar-kind

On the southern slope of the Sollinger forest, about 25 km northwest of Göttingen, lies in a valley traversed by the eels, the city Uslar, as “Husleri” already under the Abbot of Corvey Walho between 1011 and 1016 known. There is no doubt, that was taken from this place the name of the knight economic Hanoverian nobility counted by sex Uslar, than in the first half of the 12. Century, until then marked only by their Christian names noble people to eliminate the confusion thus created their given names[...]