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History of the Cologne, jülichschen Berg and gender in family trees, Coat of arms, Seals and certificates

Those: Flag, Anton: History of the Cologne, jülichschen Berg and gender in family trees, Coat of arms, Seals and certificates, Band 1 and band 2, In the 2. Tape it comes to additions and improvements to 1. And regular part of the sequence and armorial Clevischen, Guelders and moers between sexes, if they ansa vinegar in the duchy Juelich Cleveland Mountain were. Cologne: […]


Monumenta Livoniae Antiquae

Monumenta Livoniae Antiquae : Collection of chronicles, Report, Documents and other written memorials and essays, which to explain the history of Liv-, Ehst- and Kurland's serve. Bd. 1-2, Bd. 4-5, Riga, Leipzig and Dorpat: Edited by Edward bookstore Frantzen, 1835-1847 Bd. 1 Bd. 2 Bd. 4 Bd. 5Like this:Like Loading…

The advice line of the city of Wismar

The annual occupation of the council chair of the year 1344 to 1510. We know what went off councilors, which remained and which were re-elected. The material comes from the ranks of the urban witnesses certificates, the low- and uptown books, the privileges book, Combing the registers etc. Anyone who has been elected to the Council, wurde Zeit Zeit seines Lebens als Ratsmann […]

Deed book in the history of the Lower Rhine

Deed book in the history of the Lower Rhine and the Cologne archbishopric, principalities of Julich and Berg, Funds, Meurs, Cleves and Mark, and the kingdom of pins Elten, Food and becoming; Bd. 1. Of the year 779 to 1200 including from the sources in the Royal Provincial Archives to Dusseldorf and in the churches- and city archives of the province, vollständig und […]

Historical sources from Westphalia

Not “Westphalia” by birth, but people of all origins, the traces left in the Westphalian space or interacted in a special way to Westphalia, are at the forefront of the region “People”. Sometimes contain not only life- and official data, but z.T. also biographies and bibliographic notes, about to speak “hidden”, bibliographic non-specified short biographies in compilations. Neben […]

Codex Falkensteinensis

The “Codex Falkensteinensis” or “Falkensteiner Codex” belongs to the genus of the source books tradition. The Code takes in the tradition of books has a special position, because he is the only surviving medieval tradition book of a highly secular nobility, während die anderen Traditionsbücher ausschließlich von geistlichen Grundherrschaften stammen.Like this:Like Loading…