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Historical information about the family of Tümplingische

The gender of the family of Tumpling (in earlier times also Tumpelingen, Timplingen, Thümpling etc.) existed in earlier centuries, only in Thuringia. There, the old family estates of the family are Tümplingschen to the waters of the Saale and Ilm. From here it spread first to the neighboring districts of Eisenberg, Neustadt, Zeitz and Merseburg. It is uncertain, whether a branch of this family came to Silesia, and from him the lion Petersburg can be derived. A second branch could have settled in Switzerland, an old castle where the[...]

Southwest German nobility in the kingdom 17. and 18. Century: Money, Reputation, Career…

The House of Fürstenberg – a detailed study of the Count- and gentlemen of the House of Fürstenberg were in 17. Century a territorial complex, of the most important in Swabia and also in the southwest of the Old Kingdom was. The centerpiece of the property was in the middle of the 13. Century on the Baar, where a younger branch of the counts of Urach a part of the inheritance had taken the ducal line of the Zähringer.

Collection of ancestor lists, and news of noble families in alphabetical order


This list is not constantly expanding. Name of aristocratic families that do not appear here, have been considered most likely to have a separate article, a search on the web (in the box at the top right) worthwhile, therefore necessarily! Or inquire directly with me!! Family name: in. Abensberg: Dollinger, Peter Paul: Die Grafen und Reichsherren von Abensberg, Landshut 1869 – 2.) Die altgefeyerte Dynastie des Babo von Abensberg in ihrer Abkunft, Verzweigung und Gesamtgenossenschaft in Bayern und Österreich, von Joseph Ernst v. Koch-Sternfeld, Regensburg: Verlag Manz, 1857 in. Abschatz: Wegener, Carl Hans: Biographie Assmanns  [...]