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The story of sex and von Maltzan von Maltzahn from the Middle Ages


From the contents: The line east-Kummerow until their extinction 17. Century addition to freight considerations history

CV of Field Marshal Dubislav Gneomar of Natzmer

Natzmer (1654-1739) came from a family of origin Kashubian Pomeranian Uradels, First mentioned by 1202 . He was the son of the Governor in Schlawe, Joachim Heinrich of Natzmer (+1670) and his wife Barbara née von Weyer. Dubislav joined as a young boy in Dutch and only 1677 services as a lieutenant in kurbrandenburgische. And he took part in the siege of Stettin, and in battles against Sweden, temporarily as Adjutant George of Derfflingers. 1680 He was staff captain and fought 1686 with distinction against the Turks.[...]

Documented history of sex in Oertzen

The sex of the one of the most famous Oertzen old aristocratic families of Mecklenburg and is still thriving indigenous families from all of the oldest old Obotritenlandes, insofar as its documented history reaches back the furthest and is lost in the times of Wendish rule. Distinguished by an honorable character, an ancient possession of goods, and often seemingly unusual abilities, the family has not only the homeland, but also other countries, a very large number of men found, which seven hundred years through the Council in peace and in war crime[...]

History of sex uradelichen Aufseß in Franconia

During the lifetime of Henry II. Bamberg grew up at a considerable town, the neighboring countries for the slave was a place of Christian culture. Through contracts, the desert castles and stone castle Aufseß Count's fief. The viscount gave up all of the shares purchased Aufseß castle and promised his protection; however, promised the Aufseß the viscount, with its fortress against anyone Freienfels, to provide with the exception of the Bishop of Bamberg defense. They allowed the Viscount in their castles and Aufseß Freienfels his soldiers whenever he wanted, accommodate[...]

Wiguleus Bavarian tribes dog book

Two-volume work of Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos titled Bavarian tribes-book, appeared in 1598 the list of gymnasts and Bavarian nobility. For lovers of the old nobility and the Bavarian history and gender. Download: Band 1, Band 2 Provided by the ULB Düsseldorf. Bavarian Stem-book: 2. From The Duke, Horror, Gentlemen …, then the Thurnier Besuchet . / By … Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos Ingolstadt : Sartorius 1598 Hundt's book Wiguleus Bavarian tribes Third Part. With the additions of the archivist Libius[...]