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The Matriculation of the University of Dillingen

Digitized volumes of the Universitätsmatrikel Dillingen…

Professor catalogs from six universities (catalogus professorum)

Professors and lecturers at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) of 1870 to 1995 in alphabetical order. Edited by Dr. Klaus Graf (Document files) Joan and Marcel Zigan Oeben, with references (Archival) to the local people in all finding aids University Archives of the. 146 Biographies of namesakes, Rectors, Honorable senators, and Nobel Prize winners at the RWTH Aachen from the founding of the Polytechnic in 1870 to date, and the personnel files of the RWTH – Academic staff in the departments and institutes 1912 – 2005

Personal- course catalog and the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Course catalog and timetable winter semester 1925/26 by summer 1936 Personal- and Course Catalogue Winter Semester 1937/38 to winter 1965/66 Personal- and Course Catalogue Summer Semester 1966 to winter 1972 Personal- and Course Catalogue Summer Semester 1972/73 to winter 2009/10 Each of the four issues includes a list of names of all faculty (Professors and lecturers) These digital copies were made available by the University of Duesseldorf.